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Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame by Attop

The 3 channel (3.5CH) 9808 RTR Metal Frame RC helicopter’s body is made from high grade materials, and can tolerate many of the crashes you will encounter.  It has a sturdy, full aluminum alloy frame which will certainly protect it as you learn.

We think it’s a fantastic helicopter for newbies. It comes built with a metal frame and a built in gyro. This model is specially designed to fly indoors and will provide several hours of enjoyment. The 9808 also comes with flashing LED lights, which makes it really awesome to fly at night time.
This particular model comes completely ready to fly. The reason why this helicopter is wonderful for the beginner is really because there is a integrated gyro which will help stabilize the flight, so you are ready for a steady and safe lift off, right out of the box. Turn off the lights in the room at night while flying  to put on an excellent light show, the helicopter has flashing multi-color LED lights.
This helicopter is a 3 channel control model with in built gyro for more control and stable flight. It’s small enough to manoeuvre round the office or home and has up to 8 minutes flight time per charge.  The helicopter charges up via a USB cable or via the remote control unit which houses AA batteries.

  • Full function 3 channel control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands)
  • Real life helicopter styling
  • 3 channel digital proportional control
  • Unique material withstand crashes
  • Altitude and rotor speed control
  • Flight stabilizing system
  • Super lightweight airframe
  • Gyroscopes system

Our Play Advice:

Skills this toy will help your child with;

hand eyecause and effect Rainbow Awards think that this is one of the best small helicopters we’ve tested, it’s a dream for beginners, including younger children if they have supervision.

It enhances fine motor skills and we used it to fly across the lounge and aim for certain areas, ie ‘land on the coffee table’.  It increased concentration and patience too!

Available from just over £12 at ebuyer

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The Fast Dealing Property Game is back – Monopoly Empire

Monopoly Empire – It’s the classic fast trading property game with a brand new twist!

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

Instead of Hotels in Mayfair, you’re aiming to buy your favourite brands when you land on their brand spaces, and slide your billboard, filled with their logos, into the tower.

Every time you pass go, no not £200, you collect the current value of your tower, so every brand you buy makes you richer, you can also buy offices to help you hit your target sooner.

With brands represented such as Nerf, Coke, Xbox, Samsung and eBay we think older children will love recognising the brands they know.  Playing pieces are gold coloured and items such as a Coke bottle, Xbox controller, McDonalds Fries etc.


It’s a far cry from choosing the little dog, shoe or car to play and buying and selling property but it’s just moved with the times.  All of the wheeler dealing is still there, plus – and we like this bit – the money side is still so important, as we know this helps children with numeracy skills, currency and value plus much more.  What’s more, it’s a shorter game version than the original, which we know could last for hours!  We think younger children will be more able to focus and play with a game that took us around 30 minutes.


So start wheeling and dealing and build your way to the top in Monopoly Empire.

Apart from the brightly coloured playing board there are 4 towers, 6 tokens, 30 billboard tiles, 6 office tiles, 14 chance cards, 14 empire cards, a pack of money and 2 dice.  Monopoly Empire is for two to four players aged 8 to adult.

Our Play Advice:

Skills this toy will help your child with;

number skills literacy skills Numeracy and Literacy skills are both helped by playing Monopoly Empire, but to help even more – get your child to set the game up, this means they’ll be sorting out the money and adding up to ensure they set it up correctly.

Get them to make a list of some of the brands they see in the game (or make your own bingo boards) then on your next family car journey play Spot the Brand from the car window, this encourages recognition of words which will help with reading.  Monopoly Empire is available at Argos online here


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My Scare Pal; Huggable Sulley

Disney Pixar’s Monsters University My Scare Pal Sulley made it to Vine this week and became cyber famous!

Sulley truly is the BMOC! Big Monster on Campus.
This soft, plush Sulley stands over 30cm high and will delight with his roars and scarey words. With each hug he has a new roar, depending on how you press and hug. Give him a shake and he’ll swap modes to either scarey, sleepy (we loved the snoring!) or tickle. There are over 15 phrases and sounds.

He requires 2 x AA batteries which are included and Spinmaster recommend he is for 3 years and above.

Our Play Advice:

Skills this toy will help your child with;


cause and effecthand eye

Hand Eye coordination uses the eyes to detect attention then the hands to execute the task, children who are able to practice this skill are developing skills that they’ll use later on in their development for things such as hand writing.

Playing with your toy and your child for learning outcomes

In order to use Huggable Sulley in an educational way, let your child play with him and listen to his sounds.  Encourage your child to guess which sound he is making and link it to an emotion – scarey, relaxed, happy, sad etc.

The get then to make up their own sounds to say back to Sulley – can they be excited, bored, frightened etc – let them think how to portray each emotion.  Join in and do your own – then guess each others!  Helping your child to understand and recognise their own emotions is an important stage in their development.


If you want to buy a Scare Pal Sulley he’s around £35 and available from good toy shops – or buy online here

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Little Tikes Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen

During the year when the Rainbow Toy Awards are just bubbling and our testers are working hard, we’ll be using the Rainbow Toy Awards site to review toys, any toys!  We’ll be offering full and frank reviews on the toys sent in.  Sometimes we’ll use our testers to give a ‘child’s eye view’ and other times we’ll take a look ourselves.

Reviews will be undertaken by parents and trained educational professionals so you can be sure of good information.

The Rainbow Toy Awards site won’t be offering any scores on its reviews so there is no conflict with the awards themselves.  We’ll just offer honest advice plus ideas on how to play with your child.

One our Award Winners has been chosen as the first review product.  The Little Tikes Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen come in a box that is bigger than the average child!  How cool a gift would that make?


The shine may be taken off the excitement on Christmas morning without forward planning though, as there is a little adult assembly.  Full instructions were included and even the most hapless DIYer should not be put off as it was an easy make.

Once all set up you can see that the Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen comprises;

  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Unisex colour scheme
  • Metal pots and pans are included plus lots of other cool accessories
  • We found the granite-look countertop a really lovely feature
  • Plenty of appliances including cooker, hob, sink, washing machine and microwave


We particularly liked the colour scheme which would be suitable for boys and girls alike, plus the size was excellent to keep any child amused even as they grow taller.

The Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen is for children aged 2+ and would last until the child is around 6, depending on height of child and maturity.

The Kitchen measures a hefty 98cm x 34cm x 103cm

 Our Play Advice:

Skills this toy will help your child with;

2013 winner     creative skills






Role Play is an important skill. Role Play is when your child ‘copies’ what you do, whether its feeding a dolly ‘baby’ or doing the washing and ironing.  Role Play helps your child learn about being a grown up.

In order to enhance this learning outcome play ‘tea parties’ with your child and their Little Tikes kitchen, it may sound simple but quality time letting them show you how they can ‘cook’ and use the drinks dispenser or wash up shows them those skills are important in life.  Plus any quality time is fun for both of you of course!

Finally if you want to buy the Little Tikes Wood Kitchen it is available from good toy retailers or online here for around £165.

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The Rainbow Awards provide new Toy Review Site

Our testers are busy and we’re fast approaching our announcement day. The Rainbow Toy Awards for Excellence will be announced live online on the 27th September 2013.  We cannot wait, this year we have had so many high quality entries, it is becoming a well fought battle to be the overall winner!

During the rest of the year we want the site to be able to add value to toy suppliers, toy retailers and parents. So when we are not announcing the awards, we’ll be running toy reviews.will this be thewinning toy..

All toy reviews will be free of charge, so any supplier can send in a toy for review on the Rainbow Awards site (drop us an email to find out more).

All reviews on the Rainbow Awards site will be written and/or overseen by a parent and qualified educational professional, who will not only review the toy but also offer advice on how they would encourage a child to play with the toy in a more educational way, the review will also have Rainbow Buttons showing which skills the toy practices and which learning outcomes can be expected.

cause and effecthand eye

The site won’t offer any form of star rating or marks out of ten for each toy review, as we see this is subjective and a little pointless, instead Rainbow Toy Reviews will give parents the facts and show them how to encourage more play and valuable learning outcomes.

What’s more, each supplier can name retailers they would like us to add to the review and we will point their toy review directly to the ‘Where to Buy’ page on the retailers website, making it easy for parents to buy.

We think that Rainbow Toy Reviews will become a valuable resource for all parents.  Plus there will be various pieces of advice on how to play, why play and learning through play during the year from our affiliated professionals.

There will be a limited amount of advertising space available on the Rainbow Award Site for toy retailers and educational sites to take advantage of, email Peter for more information.

For obvious reasons, we won’t accept advertising from suppliers who are entering the awards.




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