It’s Rainbow Toy Awards Time!

All of the votes are in, all of the toys have been tested and the thirteenth Rainbow Toy Awards 2021 are ready to be announced…You can follow each announcement this morning on Twitter @rainbowawards

Or on Facebook at as well as right here on the live website…

Our testers are, as you know by now, the children themselves and forms are returned by adults on their behalf.  For each toy we ensure the adult writes down what the child’s reaction is and what they say.  We’ll be giving you some of the comments and feedback for each product as we go along.

The awards are then chosen by adding up the scores our mini-testers have given to place the toys in order. We always stick to our categories thus have a limited amount of WINNERS and HIGHLY COMMENDED products – to win a Rainbow Toy Award is a huge accolade and well deserved.

So without further ado, let’s see who has come top and won in the Rainbow Toy Awards for 2021!

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The Toy Shortage of 2021

It’s all over the news that there are shortages of this and that, coats to tinned tomatoes, roof struts to toys.

Here at Rainbow Awards HQ we have seen first hand that there are some issues with the toy supply chain.  We wish to extend a huge thank you to each and every entrant, this year they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure samples have reached us ready for judging.

If you’ve got Christmas persents to buy I’d do it sooner rather than later if there is something specific you’re after.  Watch the Rainbow Awards a week on Friday (29th October) then make your Christmas lists!


Awards Annoucements start at 10am on the 29th October at

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Toi World – Coming to a Toy Shop Near You

See which Toi World toys you can spot that might be on your Christmas list this year….







We know which are our favourites, we wonder which our toy testers will like…

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Magnetic Box from Toi World

As with all Toi World Toys, the Magnetic Box is strong, sturdy and colourful.

The engaging box opens to reveal a magnetic stand, for exctiing game play.

The one we chose is the Magenti Box Alphabet, which ahs 104 magnetic pieces, with letters in both lower case and capitals, plus images with simple words on them.  As an ex primary school teacher, I really like it.

The age is 3years+ and they are even availalb ein our local toy store at £13

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We’re loving the Logic Box collection

The Logic Box series are a portable magnetic educational toy that is easily portable and travel friendly.


The six models are divided into two series, the path planning series and the space planning series, and three age groups, 3+, 4+, and 5+, are designed for advanced puzzle games.

Each age group has topics that are of interest to that age, and the gameplay is different for each age range, the difficulty of the question cards is upgraded too.


There are two gameplay question cards, which greatly increases the playability and value for money of the toy.

Toi World equip all puzzle games with interesting stories, exquisite and cute illustrations, so that children can accept and understand the rules of the game well and generate interest.

All Toi World toys are made from strong and sturdy materials and are bright and engaging.


Find out more here

Check back tomorrow to see more from Toi World.

Email Peter if you have toys you want to enter into the awards

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My First Board Game from Toi World

My First Board Game can be played by children as young as 18 months old.

The sturdy blue box with rope handle contains three themed card packs: Kiss Me, Feed the Piggy and Coax the Piggy to Sleep.



The gameplay is simple, simply roll the soft, fabric dice, and do the action according to the colour rolled.  Young babies will delight in the large soft dice, as it’s inner bell tinkles as it rolls along.  Gam play is fun and developmental.


Playing pieces are strong, sturdy and colourful. Adults will enjoy the game play too.

Find out more here

Check back tomorrow to see more from Toi World.

Email Peter if you have toys you want to enter into the awards

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Toi World Coming to a Toy Shop near you

We’ve had a whole heap of lovely toys sent as samples to the Rainbow Toy Awards HQ!

Coming from Toi World and available in shops and online now, they are a delightful collection of brightly coloured puzzles and games for under 5’s.


Leveled Puzzles

Each Leveled puzzle has the age range on the front of the box, with the developmental steps related to the ages of the child on the back.

Each Leveled puzzle has a number of jigsaws in each box, which are related to the child’s development, then once they have completed that level, the child progresses onto the next Leveled Puzzle.

The one we reviewed is the Animals Leveled Puzzle for age 2years+.  This one contains four boxes;

  • Box One contains one Swan and one Owl puzzle, both with 2 pieces.
  • Box Two has a three piece crab puzzle and a three piece turtle puzzle
  • Box Three is a four piece sheep puzzle and a four piece cow puzzle
  • Then of course box four contains a five piece panda puzzle and a five piece tiger puzzle

A total of eight puzzles are in this outer box

The child moves on to the next Leveled puzzle Box once they have mastered the one before…

Puzzle pieces are made from sturdy card and store back neatly in the card packaging.

Sticker sheets are included to record your child’s progress.

Link to see the full Leveled Puzzle range here

Check back tomorrow to see more from Toi World.

Email Peter if you have toys you want to enter into the award

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