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Award Category: Arts & Craft Toy

final WINNER

Winner                                CLEVERBOX

By Clever Box Club

Age Suitability                  3-9 years

008 Clever Box Club (2)

Price                                      £25.30

Stockists                              Great Little Trading Company, Letterbox, My Small World

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The Clever Box is a creative, innovative and imagination stimulating toy…The pack includes a large and colourful box, which the child cuts and shapes into a creation of their design then using coloured paper, posters and stickers, included in the pack, they decorate to their hearts content.  From castles to sweetie shops, theatres to secret dens the only limit is their imagination!

The testers said “It is good to find an activity that my whole setting became involved in and the role play it inspired lead to communication skills between the group” and “It’ll be played with again and again until it becomes too battered and then we’ll recycle it” plus “We’ve had it eight days and they’ve so far played with it for eight days…”

 final highly commended

Highly Commended       PLAYMAIS 500 PIECE BUCKET

By PlayMais

Age Suitability                  3years +

Price                                      £9.99

Stockists                              Amazon, John Lewis

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Basic 500 piece bucket (highlycom

PlayMais is a revolutionary craft toy made from 100% natural ingredients and children will have great fun creating all sorts of sculptures and models.  One a dab of water is needed to stick the colourful building material together and the 500 piece bucket is sure to inspire heaps of creativity!

The testers said “I would go as far to say, if PlayMais targeted adult crafters they’d see some amazing creations as there is just so much potential” and “PlayMais can be as simple or as complex as the child wants it to be”

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Award Category: Educational Toy

final WINNER

Winner                                COUNT & DRAW

By LeapFrog

Age Suitability                  3 years +

Price                                      £14.99

Stockists                              Argos, Toys R Us, Amazon

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count and draw winner

Count and Draw gives children the tools to begin writing numbers, drawing shapes and learning basic maths skills with the help of Scout’s magic screen and stylus pen.  The experience can be personalised by recording the child’s age and allowing them to sing along to customised songs.

The testers said “A good strong gender neutral colour, clear audio and great graphics, we love Leapfrog!” and “She has it in the car every morning and plays before and after school – every day”

 final highly commended

Highly Commended       BEN & BETTY

By Ben & Betty

Age Suitability                  30 months – 5 years

Price                                      £29.95


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Ben&Betty_high com

Ben & Betty is the exciting, innovative new scheme to encourage young children from the age of around 30 months to learn basic educational skills.  It is widely believed that learning through play is best way to enable young minds to remember, learn and progress – the Ben and Betty approach is full of games and fun activities for parents and children to share.  This modern, lively approach makes the Ben & Betty programme a positive and successful experience for children and adults alike.

The testers said “Sam chose this toy over less educational things to play with” and “I was pleasantly surprised how quickly she mastered the navigation and how much fun she had with the system” plus “She got a ‘well done’ sticker at nursery for writing her numbers nicely after practising them at home with Ben & Betty”

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Welcome to the Rainbow Toy Awards!

The day is finally here and over the next few hours we will be announcing the winners of our third annual internet toy awards – The Rainbow Toy Awards.

Over the last couple of months our testers have been busily giving each toy a thorough testing.  All our testers are registered and vetted as being parents or carers of children…with each award being tested by at least three children or groups of children and the results relayed to us by the adults.

There are ten categories, and with our highest number of entries in any year so far, it’s a hotly contested event.  To give you an idea of how good the winning products really are – for every toy you see mentioned today there are five that didn’t quite make the winners or highly commended list.

So without further ado let the awards begin!

final WINNER

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TAG – helps readers hone their skills…

Amazingly easy to use, the Tag reader can store up to ten books, so children can magically move from one book to another without the need to change cartridges.  Perfect for on the go travel!

Inspire a love of reading in children with the TAG reading pal from Leapfrog.  With over 35 licensed book titles, Tag brings stories to life as children scna the magic pen over the interactive pages.  Additionally, children can develop geaography skills with the new interactive Tag World Map.

The Tag reader has an easy grip, non slip, ergonomic design, allowing children to hold the pen more easily.  The Tag Reader also comes with a volume control and a headphone socket.

Appropriate for ages 4 years to 8 years.

Internet connection required to download the audio of the Tag book library

Available from Argos, Amazon and Toys R Us for around £29.99

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Fix and Learn Speedy

Fix and Learn Speedy is a treat for any tiny tot or budding mechanic!

Children can learn about shapes, counting and more as they play with a car that will tune up their motor skills and fire up their imaginations!  This learning car comes complete with interactive tools and songs.  By lifting Speedy’s bonnet, toddlers can twist and turn the different shapes and explore counting and alphabet songs designed to tune up their motor skills and fire up imaginations!

More information is at and you can buy Fix and Learn Speedy for around £19.99 from Argos, Toys R Us and Amazon

Get on the fast track to fun with Fix & Learn Speedy!

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Ka’lide – loads of magnetic fun!

It’s around £19.99, it’s from Tesco, Hamleys or Toys R Us and it’s called Ka’lide…

Total magnetic fun!

Flick, slide and collide your way to winning with the all-new, exciting magnetic game – Ka’lide!

Pit your skills against friends or start a team battle as you take turns to flick your magnetic pucks and build a massive score, but of course that’s just the start of the magnetic fun and action!

Use the magnetic force of the pucks to ‘Bend it like Beckham’ around your opponents pucks and into your scoring zone or decide to play hard ball and use your force to push your opponents pucks into the low scoring positions or even off the mat and out of the game.

Keep your nerve and your cool to create puck clusters that could double, triple or even quadruple your score.  Every game is three rounds so even if you lose orund one all is not lost and anything can happen!


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Leapster 2 – is on its way to testers…

The Leapster 2 games consoledelivers a fun, safe and secure learning experience for children.  The handheld comes complete with a preloaded gameing title and an additional download of choice, so that children can begin their gaming journey immediately.

There’s more info over at and you can buy from Argos, Amazon and Toys R Us – for around £39.99

Leapster2 system also offers a whole new layer of benefits by connecting to the computer.  Kids can play on the go, and then connect their handhelds to the home computer to collect fun rewards they’ve earned.  A new online creativity studio also lets them upload art that they’ve created, embellish it or change it completely, and publish it to share.

With the new USB connection, you can also see children’s progress in recent games, get detailed updates on the skills they are exploring and share in their accomplishments.  The Leapster2 system is one of three new LeapFrog Connected learning systems that connect to the LeapFrog Learning Path, a free online tool that offers unparalleled insights into a child’s learning.

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