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Magnetic Box from Toi World

As with all Toi World Toys, the Magnetic Box is strong, sturdy and colourful.

The engaging box opens to reveal a magnetic stand, for exctiing game play.

The one we chose is the Magenti Box Alphabet, which ahs 104 magnetic pieces, with letters in both lower case and capitals, plus images with simple words on them.  As an ex primary school teacher, I really like it.

The age is 3years+ and they are even availalb ein our local toy store at £13

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We’re loving the Logic Box collection

The Logic Box series are a portable magnetic educational toy that is easily portable and travel friendly.


The six models are divided into two series, the path planning series and the space planning series, and three age groups, 3+, 4+, and 5+, are designed for advanced puzzle games.

Each age group has topics that are of interest to that age, and the gameplay is different for each age range, the difficulty of the question cards is upgraded too.


There are two gameplay question cards, which greatly increases the playability and value for money of the toy.

Toi World equip all puzzle games with interesting stories, exquisite and cute illustrations, so that children can accept and understand the rules of the game well and generate interest.

All Toi World toys are made from strong and sturdy materials and are bright and engaging.


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Check back tomorrow to see more from Toi World.

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You Too can Build a Den!

 build a den

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TOMY Toomies Announces New Jurassic World Preschool Toys

TOMY has announced a new licensing collaboration with Universal Brand Development to introduce a line of preschool toys for its Toomies brand based on the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise.  All set to launch in time for Christmas.


Jurassic World is a $5 billion global franchise. And with Jurassic World: Dominion scheduled for release in June 2022, this brand is set to be one of TOMY’s biggest ever collaborations for the preschool category.


Launching in June 2021, the line will include Chase & Roll Raptors and a Dino Rescue Ranger, inspired by the iconic vehicles in the films; Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs, a clever twist on Toomies bestselling Hide and Squeak Eggs, using dinosaur eggs in an incubator featuring the core toddler play pattern of ‘sort & pop’; and Pic & Push T. rex, a large T. rex dinosaur with a fun take on the iconic gyrosphere from the 2015 Jurassic World film.


The line will also support TOMY’s classic action game, Pop Up Pirate, with the launch of a Pop Up T. rex from July. The bestselling game recently celebrated its 45th Anniversary.
Mary Wood, General Manager UK at TOMY, said: “Dinosaurs are an evergreen toy trend, reaching multiple age points including preschoolers, and with our Toomies success in this market dinosaurs seemed like a great fit for our next collaboration.


“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Universal to introduce this fantastic range – combining our expertise in preschool toys with the worldwide phenomenon of Jurassic World, this is going to be a major focus for the business for next year and into 2022.  Feedback from retailers across all markets has been nothing but positive”


The Toomies brand has seen exponential growth in recent years, with its Toy range up by 33% at Retail vs 2019. The brand’s ever-popular Hide & Squeak Eggs are also up by 25%, with the full range including the Spring 2020 Hide & Squeak extension items and AW20 additions contributing to 81% of EPOS Sales Year to Date*.


For more information on TOMY and Drumond Park, please visit:

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Rainy Day Play – An Epic Escape Room in a Box?!

An escape room in a box?! Yep, that’s what Epic Escapes are offering, we are challenging the status-quo of board gaming to give people the opportunity to participate in high-octane interactive escape rooms…from the comfort of their own home!

escape room

The concept is pretty simple, our Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) gives you what you need to make your own fully immersive escape room without even having to escape the house!


We provide everything you need; fool-proof clear instructions with hint cards, high-quality puzzles, hardware and other necessary consumables you’ll need for the escape rooms. There is not just one, or two escape rooms in our escape room box, but three, all with their own distinct vibe, story, difficulty and strategy. They’re sure to hold the attention and interest of both beginner, novice and experienced escape-roomers – you might end up begging the gamemaster for one of those hint cards!

escape room

Crime – You’re house-sitting for a friend, all is well until shadows move past the living room window followed by a sinister knock at the door. Turns out, your friend is a marked man and you seek refuge from the criminal abductors in his panic room. In your hurried and anxious state, you end up locked in with no easy way out. You have one hour until the oxygen runs out. How can you escape?


Piracy – On a lonely merchant navy tanker, your captain goes missing to be replaced with a new one on a return voyage from Hong Kong to Bremen. Heading for the Suez canal, your captain summons you and the crew for an emergency meeting. Before you can react, you are locked in and you feel the ship change its course. Maybe the ship’s ‘important’ payload isn’t all that it seemed. You must escape and find out before your time is up.


Hijack – You’re following a trace on a potential hijack plan. Inside the hijacker’s house, you’re searching for intel but find yourself trapped in the hijacker’s secure stash room. The plans are here, but they are encoded. Your task is to decode the plans to identify the plane, save its passengers and escape the room.

escape room

Epic Escapes escape rooms provide an awesome new option for enjoying your time at home.


“A really well designed, high quality, at-home product, with a clear story and flow. Brilliant for first-time escape roomers as the puzzles were well structured and understandable.” – Kent Escape Room Reviews


They’re perfect for school holidays, dinner parties and chill time at weekends, particularly on those long and dreary rainy days (and there are usually a few…!). Dinner parties and family gatherings can be turned into interactive experiences where family members and friends work together, or competitively in small teams, to complete challenges and escape the room. You can start a leaderboard, or challenge people to break the house record. You can even go to town with props and dim the lights to create a nail-biting atmosphere adding to the tension of a truly epic escape room!


“Cleverly constructed and it really is a great way of spending time with friends. You can use time and time again with a different group of friends and I thoroughly recommend this game to all.” – Judy Stewart


Epic Escapes escape rooms are suitable for 3 – 6 players which perfectly suits families, housemates, events, parties, etc. Even with more players, spectating is super-fun and it’s easy to rotate players to give everyone a turn. Not only are Epic Escapes escape rooms fun and interactive, but they also stimulate lateral thinking and problem-solving skills as well as creativity and attention spans.


Feeling trapped by lockdown restrictions? Wanting some more at home entertainment to get you through? Get our FREE weekly brainteasers:


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Shuffle Twister Review by Raising the Rainbows Blog

Check out our latest terrific testers at work here:

inplayClick the image to read the review…

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Do You want to be a Rainbow Toy Award Tester?

Applications are now open to become a Rainbow Toy Awards tester 2016 and here is what you need to do.

You have to have children aged 16 or under and live in the UK to be chosen.

All you have to do is – Write a blog post about your favourite toy (or choose your favourite post from one you’ve already written) Within the post or within the comments section of your older post, please link to then share the post on social media using the hashtag ‪#‎rainbowtoyawards‬ (twitter, Facebook etc)


Then to complete your entry – email entitling your email TOY TESTING 2016 – on your email please confirm;

Your Name:
Postal address:
Telephone number:
URL of toy review post (the one containing the link to Rainbow Awards):
What social media platforms did you use to share it – using the hashtag (so we can check):
Ages and gender of children:
If you are successful you will be sent a toy testers badge to place on your blog and link to – We do not usually send out samples until July onwards, so if you get an email saying you have been chosen then don’t hear from us for a while do not panic.
Notes: If you do not get an email please assume you have not been chosen, we try to respond to everyone but with sheer volume we sometimes cannot email everyone. Also any incomplete applications will not be considered so please read all this carefully before applying! If you have tested for us before you will need to reapply using the above method to be considered for 2016.

tester 2016

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