Disney Advent Calendar

By: Cartamundi

 disney advent calendar

Age:  4+ years

RRP: £29.99

Collect your 24 surprises each day with this Christmas Advent Calendar, featuring your favourite Disney characters.  piece together your puzzle to reveal your board game to play on Christmas Day!

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Available from: Amazon

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What the testers said “As we were testing before Christmas, we opened all the doors at once to see the product.  This would be a fabulous seasonal present, just remember to give it in November so you’re ready for December 1st


Eco Gelli Baff

By: Zimpli Kids

gelli baf

Age: 3+ years

RRP: £4.99

Eco Gelli Baff transforms water into biodegradable, colourful goo!  The product has recycled packaging and bags and use 100% safe, certified biodegradable powder.  Multi use 6 x play uses and 1 x bath use.  Perfect for sensory, tabletop play.

More information at:

Available from: Amazon

Buy now from –    Amazon

What the testers said “We love eco-friendly play, the fact Zimpli have also thought about the packaging as well as the toy is great.  We can see on their website they are paying close attention to replacing their plastics with paper and card.”

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