We’re loving the Logic Box collection

The Logic Box series are a portable magnetic educational toy that is easily portable and travel friendly.


The six models are divided into two series, the path planning series and the space planning series, and three age groups, 3+, 4+, and 5+, are designed for advanced puzzle games.

Each age group has topics that are of interest to that age, and the gameplay is different for each age range, the difficulty of the question cards is upgraded too.


There are two gameplay question cards, which greatly increases the playability and value for money of the toy.

Toi World equip all puzzle games with interesting stories, exquisite and cute illustrations, so that children can accept and understand the rules of the game well and generate interest.

All Toi World toys are made from strong and sturdy materials and are bright and engaging.


Find out more here http://www.toiworld.com/

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