Kidizoom Action Cam HD

By: Vtech Electronics

 win - stem - kidizoom

Age:  5+ years

RRP: £52.99

HD camera action for children! Create fun stop motion, slow motion, fat motion and reverse videos.  Capture photos and videos in the water using the waterproof case and floating mount.  Attach camera to helmets. Bikes and even add on the wide angle lens for more creative fun.

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Available from: Amazon

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What the testers said “Plug in and play – really easy to set up and use.  We’ve bought an SD card, so we get more memory, so the boys used it on holiday for the week. Loads of accessories, we’ve not yet used the underwater case, but looking forward to trying it!”


Number Tray

By: Bigjigs Toys

 hc - stem - number tray

Age: 3+ years

RRP: £23.99

Learn to count with this colourful number tray, featuring numbers 1 to 100.  Its simple attractive design will ensure young minds stay fully engaged as the work through their mathematical learning.

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Available from: Yesbebe

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What the testers said “It such a pretty toy, traditional and colourful.  My daughter really enjoyed playing with it, which was a break through as she has never really enjoyed numberwork prior to this. Thank you Bigjigs Toys”

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