Learn & Dance Dino

By: Vtech Electronics

 win - preschool - dino

Age: 2-5 years

RRP: £39.99

Includes 9 great action plates that will customise Dino’s voice style to dino, robot and monster, Dino’s emotion to happy, angry or sleepy and dancing style to ballet, marching or hip-hop.  There are 27 combinations to choose from – includes fun sing along songs and melodies.

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What the testers said “We loved this! Lots of smiles and laughter”


Baby Xylophone

By: Halilit

 hc - preschool - xylophone

Age: 12+ months

RRP: £18.99

The Halilit Baby Xylophone is a high quality, fun and colourful 8 note real musical instrument that has been specifically designed for young children to make real music.  The note bars are accurately tuned to make a delightful sound, and the chunky shape with rounded edges make this instrument safe for prying fingers.

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What the testers said “Traditional toys really are the best! Some of our tunes left a lot to be desired but fun was had by all”

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