Mars Space Station

By: Playmobil

 win - imaginative - mars station

Age: 6+ years

RRP: £84.99

Playmobil is going to Mars with the Mars Space Station.  Join astronauts on an adventure to explore the red planet, equipped with rock collecting kits and a fully furnished laboratory for dissecting samples.  The set features a detachable roof to allow access to the illuminated command centre and comes complete with a fold out ramp with rotating lock, a firing cannon, two docking stations and cool lighting and sound effects.

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Available from: John Lewis

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What the testers said “Great attention to detail, a very complex toy, loads of play value”


Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

By: Wow! Stuff

hc - imaginative - harry potter

Age: 6+ years

RRP: £59.99

Appear to Disappear! Using the Wow! Stuff app (included) you can recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films.  To start enjoying the invisibility cloak simply cover yourself, friends or family or even objects with the cloak.  Then photograph or film using the app on your phone or tablet and set our imagination free.  You won’t believe your eyes!

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Available from: Argos

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What the testers said “Really easy to use app.  The whole family had fun, and the adults uploaded their photos to social media, provoking questions of ‘How did you do that?’  We all loved the cloak”

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