Baby Annabell Feels Better Medical Scanner

By: Zapf Creation

win - electronic - baby med scanner

Age: 3+ years

RRP: £42.99

The Feels Better Medical Scanner allows little doctors and nurses to see what’s wrong with Baby Annabell, with a scanner to help examine their doll and to tell them how to make her well again, there are ten cures and treatments and an assortment of medical supplies.

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Available from: The Entertainer

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What the testers said “We have and love Baby Annabell so were happy to test this unusual add on product.  Lots of play value”


YouDrive Rescue Chopper

By: Little Tikes

hc - electronic - chopper

Age: 3+ years

RRP: £34.99

Your little one can steer like a pro as they take charge of their own remote-controlled chopper!  A real steering controller makes this helicopter a doddle to fly and with auto hover technology and working headlights they won’t be able to put it down.

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Available from: Argos

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What the testers said “

“Good value for money, and so easy to use”

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