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People Who Help US

By: Bigjigs Toys

g&p WIN people who help us

Age: 12m+

RRP: £14.99

Each figure is made up of three wooden pieces allowing little one to mix and match the clothes for each worker.  It helps children to understand the role of people that help them in life.  A great a to develop vocabulary, matching skills and concentration.  Promotes language development as children talk about each emergency profession and the role they play in helping people.

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Available from: Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation

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What the testers said “These were great, bright colours and the fact you could mix them up meant they only stayed in their proper order for about ten seconds, but we kept coming back as they loved to mix up all the uniforms.  Colourful fun!”



By: Accentuate Games

g&p hc frenetic

Age: 8y+

RRP: £22.99

FreNeTiC is a fast and fabulous word game that uses the element symbols of the periodic table.  Players race against the clock to form as many words as possible using the element symbol tiles, score points equal to the atomic numbers of each tile used to create the word. The first player to 1000 wins!

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Available from: John Lewis

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What the testers said “Slightly chaotic and noisy!  Fun on a Saturday night and ideal for all the family.”

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