Award Category: Wheeled Toys

A vast array of toys fit into the wheeled toy category, but our testers always love trying them out, either zooming round a track or combining wheeled trucks with a little imagination.


ANKI Overdrive: Fast and Furious


anki win

Age: 8 years+

RRP: £169.99

ANKI Overdrive pits you against artificially intelligent supercars in a pulse pounding game of strategy and speed.  It merges the most exhilarating elements of the film with an unprecedented level of customisation.

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Available from: Argos

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What the testers said “ANKI is our favourite brand, both boys enjoy the films so were excited to play the ANKI version – they loved it!”


Ice Cream Truck

By: Diamont Toys/ AMAV Ltd

ice cream truck highly commended

Age: 6 years+

RRP: £29.99

Ice Cream Truck is a delicious wheeled toy.  Pour in your own ice cream mixture, let the truck roll along, so you get your ice cream at the finish line.

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What the testers said “Something a little different.  We enjoyed making, playing and eating.”


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