Award Category: Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is so important in a child’s development.  Learning cause and effect and how things work is all done through well planned play.  Here is the best according to our testers.


Pharaoh’s Pyramid

By: Playmobil

 playmobil winner

Age: 6-12

RRP: £59.99

The Pharaoh’s Pyramid is made of five chambers all equipped with secret switches, trap doors and thrilling puzzles. Children build the set themselves, designed to develop important motor skills whilst encouraging imaginative play.

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Available from: John Lewis

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What the testers said “Such a great brand!  My child loved the accessibility of the pyramid, it’s such a large toy, we loved the fact sides came off for easier play.”


Goopy Slime

By: H Grossman Ltd

goopy slime grossman

Age: 3 years+

RRP: £2.99

Slime is the yukkiest craze of 2017.  Shops are selling out and of course the master of ‘toy crazes’ H Grossman are behind this latest phenomenon.  Let your imagination run riot!

More information at:

Buy now from – Amazon

What the testers said “I have three boys so of course slime is going to be a hit!  In particular the loved the ‘toilet’ noises they could make with it.”


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