Award Category: Games & Puzzles – The Young Ones

We always split the Games & Puzzles Category, as there is too much of a range for all of the entries to go up against each other.  This first sections looks at games & puzzles suitable for younger children.


LinkIt Card Game

By: Pikykwiky Ltd

linkit WIN

Age: 6 years+

RRP: £12.95

A fast-paced observation card game suitable for the whole family.  LinkIt uses two decks of cards. Each card from one deck is linked in some way to a card in the other deck – by way of a picture.  The winner will spot that link the quickest and call out!

More information at:

Available from: Amazon

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What the testers said “Fast paced and hilariously noisy, the whole family got involved in this one and had a great time.”


Giggle Wiggle

By: John Adams Leisure

giggle wiggle john adams highly commended

Age: 4 years+

RRP: £24.99

Giggle Wiggle is a twisting, turning race to the top.  Race to balance balls on Giggle Wiggle’s hands as he dances to the music. Be the first to stack them all then press the button to win!

More information at:

Available from: Tesco

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What the testers said “Bright and colourful and loads of fun.  It’s easy to play with few rules, great, as getting started quickly is a must in our house!”

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