Award Category: Overall Champion

This year the Overall Champion was a product we thought looked absolutely delightful.  The testers loved it!  It’s a toy that takes us all into the great outdoors and let’s children use their imagination. Here is what the testers said about it.

“Lovely and sturdy, it’ll last for years, all the children love it!”

“We love anything ‘back to nature’ so this is a hit, the addition of the windchimes further stimulates the senses.”

“I can’t believe it’s so well made for this price.”

…and our overall 2017 champion is…


Discovery Create and Paint Easel

By: Plum Products

Discovery Create and Paint Easel overall champion

Age: 3 years+

RRP: £199.00

Children will be inspired by nature as they play together, create and paint in the garden and engage with the great outdoors. The painting screen is easy wipe clean so children can paint then wash off for another day.  The easel contains plant holders and a windchime.

More information at:

Available from: John Lewis

Buy now from –  ELC

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