Award Category: Overall Champion

This year the Overall Champion was a product that only dropped one point in the whole process.  The testers loved it!  It’s a toy that takes us all back to the traditional element of play. Here is what the testers said about it.

“Nice and sturdy, a great size and most importantly a good price point.  It’s a thumbs up from us!”

“Role play is so important educationally.  My girl and boy played so well together with this, cooking up pretend meals for all their toys.”

“When your children have a wooden toy it harks back to your own childhood, I love the nostalgia.”


…and our overall champion is…


Wooden Kitchen – Red



Age: 3 years+

RRP: £30

This sturdy wooden kitchen encourages role play and social interaction to develop communication, imagination and creativity.  The set includes; microwave, oven and bob, work space and shelving, an educational clock, sink chalkboard and clickable, moving dials.

More information at:

Available from: ALDI

Buy now from –


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