Turbospoke Vroom Vroom Vroom!!

We’ve got Turbospoke for our grandson to try and wow did he like it! (Not sure about mum though…)

Turbospoke is loud, loud, loud! – little boys such as J love it to bits.
Turbospoke is an exhaust system that fits to your kid’s bike. It looks really cool and makes very realistic engine sounds as they cycle along.

Within the kit there is the exhaust system, a clamp to hold it on, toolkit for maintenance, plus Motocards (more of those in a moment) plus excellent stickers so you can customise the exhaust pipe.
To use Turbospoke you attach to your child’s bike with the clamp, I would say parents need to do this bit. The Motocards, mentioned earlier, slide through the clamp and get held against the spokes of the wheel, this vibrates and makes the noise. Different Motocards make different noises.
The exhaust pipe serves to look cool – but also makes the sound louder!!
No batteries are required, once you’ve got the kit that’s it – which we love. It promotes outdoor play and exercise which we love too!!

We’ve bought a couple of head ache tablets for our daughter in law …. (Not really, it’s not an annoying toy at all, we’ve just teased her about it being loud).FullSizeRender (2)
J loves it and wants to get away from the Xbox and out into the park each time the weather is good – and that cannot be a bad thing!

FullSizeRender (1)

Skills this promotes:

cause and effect social skills








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