OVERALL CHAMPION for The Rainbow Toy Awards 2015

The Rainbow Toy Awards ceremony for 2015 is almost at a close and all that remains is to announce our overall champion for 2015.

It’s a toy that scored as near to perfectly as possible, a toy that scored more than every other toy in all of the categories, the testers said about this toy;

“Brilliant, quality, captures my children’s imaginations and they enjoyed this toy. This product also helped my son’s gross motor skills and he actually loved singing along with the songs and rhymes that are built in to the toy. The interactive aspect the toy, is wonderful my son had seven other vehicles and other Toot Toot products and they all integrate and interact with this toy, well worth the money and very impressed.”

“Brilliant value for money, you have interactive components in this toy and we loved how they interact with the other cars you can additionally purchase to go with this toy.”


VTech Baby Toot Toot Drivers Garage

by: VTech Electronics

overall chanp

One comment to OVERALL CHAMPION for The Rainbow Toy Awards 2015

  • Andrian  says:

    Wow great choice I will definitely be checking this toy out. The VTech Baby Toot Toot Drivers Garage seems very interactive and fun for small kids to play with.

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