Awards Category: Construction Toys

Building, making and creating with construction toys showed the testers all about cause and effect, hand eye coordination and many more skills. Using building blocks and all the other construction toys plays a huge part in any child’s fine motor skill development.


Car Trax Turntable

By: H Grossman

win - car trax - construction copy

Age: 3 years+

RRP: £11.99

Car Trax Turnaround Trax Set. Turnaround Trax has a flexible racing track that’s easy to assemble with a lifting bridge and turntable. Includes one car.

More information at:

Available from: Smyths, Amazon, Argos


What the testers said “We loved it! Was not expecting the car to be so fast and the turntable was a nice surprise”


Java Plane

By: Java Toy

hc - java - construction

Age: 3 years+

RRP: £6.50

Java is currently used as educational material in several nurseries and schools all over Hungary.  Every toy comes with its own booklet, including pictures and guidelines to some common constructions. This set has full instructions to make the plane but Java also like to encourage creativity.

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What the testers said “We are Java fans having seen their construction toys before, my little boy loved making the plane with his father”

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