ZIP-IT ~ Tested by The Purple Pumpkin Blog

The Purple Pumpkin Blog tested ZIP-IT for us and said;

ZIP-IT is a perfect travel game – it is completely self contained with the instructions, bonus Weords™ dictionary and letter cubes stored inside a unique scoring pouch. There is a handle at one end that makes it easy to carry as well.


ZIP-IT is a two player game, suitable for ages 7-97!  I think it would be great for younger children when they’re starting to write and learn words, and if I live to be 100 it would be pretty cool to still use the old grey matter 😉

The premise of the game is simple – use your letter cubes to create a crossword grid; the first to finish is the winner! Simplicity is the key to a great game – there is nothing worse than having to remember a bunch of rules or refer back to the rule book when playing a game. You just want to get on with it and play!

As you score points, you use the zips on the scoring pouch to mark your progress. The first to ’10’ is the winner. I kind of wished that the score numbers were the other way around so that by the time you’ve got to 10 you’ve zipped up the pouch!

Read more of their review here.

Our Play Advice:

literacy skillsnumber skillsWe too enjoyed the carry pouch cum score card!  We’ve used our ZIP-IT in the car and on the boat, it’s  lovely travel game, and you always know if a piece is missing too, which is very handy!

ZIP-IT is available from Amazon

All images are courtesy of The Purple Pumpkin Blog

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