Little Tikes Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen

During the year when the Rainbow Toy Awards are just bubbling and our testers are working hard, we’ll be using the Rainbow Toy Awards site to review toys, any toys!  We’ll be offering full and frank reviews on the toys sent in.  Sometimes we’ll use our testers to give a ‘child’s eye view’ and other times we’ll take a look ourselves.

Reviews will be undertaken by parents and trained educational professionals so you can be sure of good information.

The Rainbow Toy Awards site won’t be offering any scores on its reviews so there is no conflict with the awards themselves.  We’ll just offer honest advice plus ideas on how to play with your child.

One our Award Winners has been chosen as the first review product.  The Little Tikes Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen come in a box that is bigger than the average child!  How cool a gift would that make?


The shine may be taken off the excitement on Christmas morning without forward planning though, as there is a little adult assembly.  Full instructions were included and even the most hapless DIYer should not be put off as it was an easy make.

Once all set up you can see that the Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen comprises;

  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Unisex colour scheme
  • Metal pots and pans are included plus lots of other cool accessories
  • We found the granite-look countertop a really lovely feature
  • Plenty of appliances including cooker, hob, sink, washing machine and microwave


We particularly liked the colour scheme which would be suitable for boys and girls alike, plus the size was excellent to keep any child amused even as they grow taller.

The Cookin’ Creations Wood Kitchen is for children aged 2+ and would last until the child is around 6, depending on height of child and maturity.

The Kitchen measures a hefty 98cm x 34cm x 103cm

 Our Play Advice:

Skills this toy will help your child with;

2013 winner     creative skills






Role Play is an important skill. Role Play is when your child ‘copies’ what you do, whether its feeding a dolly ‘baby’ or doing the washing and ironing.  Role Play helps your child learn about being a grown up.

In order to enhance this learning outcome play ‘tea parties’ with your child and their Little Tikes kitchen, it may sound simple but quality time letting them show you how they can ‘cook’ and use the drinks dispenser or wash up shows them those skills are important in life.  Plus any quality time is fun for both of you of course!

Finally if you want to buy the Little Tikes Wood Kitchen it is available from good toy retailers or online here for around £165.

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