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2013 tester

The testers are ready!  Each year the team at Rainbow Awards vets its new testers to ensure suitability, this year on the testers list there are more bloggers than ever before!  This is great news for any new products entering the awards!

All toys are tested by children, then the adults fill in the forms and do the scoring.  Where there is a blogger on the case, they are encouraged to write an online review of the product on their blog, adding valuable ‘Where to Buy’ and other links to the piece.

Of course, they don’t divulge their secret scores!

This coverage, early on in the year is excellent for the companies involved, as early reviews ahead of the awards begin a good PR buzz for the toy.

The Rainbow Awards team have all worked in the toy industry for a number of years and therefore understand the importance of consumer coverage.  This year the awards will be in print once again in a number of consumer magazines.  Last year saw articles on the Rainbow Awards in a number of magazines such as Gurgle Magazine and The Mums Survival Guide.

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2 comments to Consumer coverage and the Rainbow Awards button

  • Mrs Anju K Doogan  says:

    I am contacting you because I am interested in carrying out toy reviews with my little boy. As a parent (and a big kid) the value of the toy is critical, not just the cost but the durability, the attention it gets frothe child. The benefit the child gets from the toy. Trying to work out the child fustration, whether it is part of their development or an area of improvement for the toy.


    • Awards-Editor  says:

      I hope you have applied? See the post on who to email to apply!

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