Award Category: Wheeled Toys

A vast array of toys fit into the wheeled toy category, but our testers always love trying them out, either zooming round a track or playing outside.


ANKI Overdrive Supertrucks



Age: 7-14 years

RRP: £59.99

ANKI has taken Overdrive to the next level with the introduction of Supertrucks.  The new battle rigs freewheel and X52 supersize the racing experience with powerful new weaponry. (Including the X52’s Pulse Ram and the Freewheel’s Gravity Trap) – it puts players skills to the test!

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Available from: Argos

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What the testers said “ANKI is such a cool brand now, we were excited to be asked to test.  What a ‘boys toy’ – they adored it, speed and weapons – what more could you want?”


Light Burst Scooter

By: H Grossman


Age: 4years+

RRP: £24.99

The Light Burst Twist and Turn Scooter has a height adjustable steering column with an easy steer feature.  Leaning to the left or right makes the scooter turn.  The deck lights up when stepped on and stays on until you step off.  There is a rear brake and soft grip handles too.

More information at:

Available from: Tesco

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What the testers said “The smart box with carry handle aroused interest immediately, we found the scooter easy to set up and adjust.  It was played with around the garden until bedtime.”


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