The Family Heights just Wing It!

The Family Heights were sent Wing It to review and here’s what they thought….

Wing It is “The Overland, Underhand, Birdwatching Challenge” board game from Pants On Fire.  The aim of the game is to race around the British countryside and be the first person to spot unusual birds. Wing It uses official RSPB illustrations and actual RSPB reserves. You can impede your competitor’s game in various ways for example by causing them to have a ‘train delay’ or a tyre puncture.

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Using Resource Cards you move around the British Isles by train, boat, bicycle or on foot, to visit 8 RSPB reserves where there are Bird Cards to collect. Each Bird Card is worth a certain number of points and the first person to reach 15 points is the winner.

Read about what they thought here

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Mini Hornit is put Through its Paces

…by the Mad House of Cats and Babies…

Read what they thought about the Mini Hornit by clicking the image.

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Adventuring the Harry & Jack way!

Harry and Jack’s is an independent toy company that loves to promote fun, innovation and offer an adventure for children of all ages.harry

Harry & Jack’s adventure packs are especially for children who love an exciting play time – taking their play items with them, along with lunch on the go too!harry2

The Harry & Jack’s Adventure Pack is for a day out to the park, a sleep over at a friend’s house, or they can even be used as a school bag to take books, pencils and a packed lunch.  Their adventure will be waiting to happen with their dependable bag on their back.harry3

The bag features – a water bottle holder, top grab handle, a wrist strap, zipped opening/ closing for the security of small items, plus there is an additional side storage pocket and reflective features for visible and safe adventuring.

This is a high quality back-pack style bag which makes an ideal gift for a little traveller aged between 3-6 years.

Our Play Advice:

social skills2013 winnerLet your Harry & Jack Adventure Pack invite your child to walk to school, enjoy the outdoors and even be excited about car journeys knowing their trusty back-pack will be packed full of goodies and coming along with them!

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An Entry for Java Toy…

Our friends at Java Toy are about to send over their forms to enter the Rainbow Awards and we’ve received an early sample into the office here at Rainbow HQ.


We’ve passed the toy around a few mini testers including a 13 year old boy, and we’d say there is no age limit, as he loved it!  Java is of course meant for young children but in an adult or older child’s hands it becomes as addictive as LEGO.

The toy is plastic and brightly coloured, with a nicely limited range of pieces, I think we spotted five or six main shapes along with things like wheels, tyres and pulleys etc.  In the box there is enough of each type to make a significant model, and our sky scrapers just got higher and higher.

The pieces are very easy to put together and to pull apart when a new design is in progress.

Our Play Advice:

hand eyecreative skillsWe loved the Java Toy booklet with tons if ideas within, and enjoyed a rainy afternoon of play.  Java Toy and it’s appeal will last for a long time in a creative household.

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Mummy to Boys Reviews the Bump n Go Bubble Train

The Mummy to Boys Blog was selected as one of the testers for the Rainbow Toy Awards and were sent the Tobar Bump ‘n’ Go Bubble Train to put through it’s paces.  They were excited as they knew the boys would love it because it was a train and it made bubbles!
If you want to red more about their adventures with the Bump n Go Bubble Train then look at the blog post by clicking the image below

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A Mini Hornit and an Ingenious Child!

Quite some time ago now, we received a Mini Hornit to trial, we have had it for a while now and we’ll tell you the reason why in a tick.honit

A Mini Hornit is a colourful (and loud!) mini horn, meant for scooters and bikes.  The features of a Mini Hornit are:

  • Produces 25 different sounds!
  • Two 12 lumen white and green lights (5 different modes) Brighter than many bike lights on the market offering a genuine safety feature
  • Remote trigger for easy use – you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebars to use it!
  • Wings clip on to fit and bike or scooter!
  • 2x AAA batteries included (we liked that bit!)

The Mini Hornit does have an adjustable volume so it won’t get too annoying if used indoors, like most children will!  The 25 sounds include racing cars, motorbikes and plane sounds to lasers, UFOs, sirens and animal sounds.

We gave it to our 13 year old to test.  Firstly he went through all the lights and sound combinations whilst sitting in the lounge, as most children will do.  (This is where we liked the volume control!)  He loved the animal sounds as they made the dog go crazy but he preferred the siren and said he was going to play tricks on his friends as it sounded so real.

However, before it could be tested on the scooter – there was an argument with the side of a hill and a sticky up tree root and one ankle was broken.  Not good for scootering around as two legs are most certainly needed!

As we all know, boys will be boys and they are ingenious fellows.  Once he was mobile and able to pad around the house the Mini Hornit came back out of its pack.  Our lad loves his Nerf guns and the funny little spongy bullets turn up all over the place here.

His Nerf gun has now got a funky new addition…a search light a la Mini Hornit and sound effects too!

photo 1

He will attach the Mini Hornit, via its handy clip-strips to his scooter before the summer has ended but meanwhile much fun is being had using the laser gun noises on his Nerf!photo 4

The Mini Hornit is an excellent piece of kit, really robust and nicely colourful.  We loved the fact it had other uses, and we’re sure Mr Ingenious will find yet more things to do with the 25 sounds!photo 5

photo 2

Mini Hornit is available from Amazon at £19.99 – look up Mini Hornit

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We’ve extended our deadline…

Due to a number of requests from the toy industry, the Rainbow Toy Awards deadline and announcement dates will change.

The new dates are:

The awards will be announced for 2014, on the 31st October 2014

The closing date for entries is September 30th 2014

This change has occurred because of an overall cry from the industry, as this year in particular most companies have struggled to gain samples and stock in time.  We’re always here to help the industry and so have moved to the new dates.

If you would like to enter the awards then please enter here.

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