My Friend Freddy Bear

We’ve been sent a whole load of lovely reviews of My Friend Freddy Bear by Vivid Imaginations

Read about Freddy here

My Friend FreddyBear.Vivid~ S

We’re looking forward to the little chap arriving in our office!


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Testers are being kept Busy this Year

This is the seventh year of the Rainbow Toy Awards and we see our testers are all super busy putting the toys through their paces.  We love to read their great reviews and see what they thought of the samples sent.

Here’s a mini tester checking out one of our entries:

Click on any of the images to see the full review.



cupcake 5





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Rainbow Toy Awards – One Month to go!

Hurry, hurry – the deadline is just one month away to find out the winners of the seventh annual Rainbow Toy Awards for Excellence.

 2015 main logo

September 30th 2015 will be the final date for entries to the prestigious awards, which will be hosted, live online on October 30th 2015 at


Once the awards are announced on the site, the Rainbow Awards top toys list is then featured by all the important trade titles in toys, gifts and preschool.  Plus of course, all the toy testers then feature the award winners on their blogs, gaining hundreds of links to the winning toys and the associated retail sites.


Peter Dawson of The Rainbow Awards, commented “Our ultimate aim of course, is to help companies drive sales.  By using the trade press and our testers, having them post links directly to the page on the retail website where you can buy the toy is extremely valuable for product sales and SEO too.  When the awards are announced winner’s websites can see literally hundreds of inbound links appear, which is a fantastic and valuable upsurge for them.”


There is just one month left to enter the awards so for more information on how to enter into go to

You can also email to be sent an entry form in Word if required.  The cost of £125 per award entry has been held the same since the awards began.


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BuildurBricks, The Netflix For LEGO Toys Is Launched

An innovative new toy rental company is saving parents money by offering the newest LEGO® sets at a fraction of the cost. With free delivery, over 150 sets to choose from and no limit on when the toys need to be returned, BuildurBricks will keep children of all ages happy for hours while keeping parents’ purses happy too. Subscription starts from as low as £9.99/month for smaller sets and goes up to £24.99/month for the difficult sets for Adult Fans of LEGO.


BuildurBricks is currently leasing some of the newest and most popular LEGO® sets, including the Jurassic World collection. The Jurassic Park sequel recently raked is $511m at the box office, smashing opening weekend records, so the LEGO® set will no doubt be just as popular for children wanting to recreate the film at home. Other sets in demand include Star Wars, Creator, Disney princess and The LEGO Movie itself.


Ash Jey, Co-Founder of BuildurBricks said, “All children love LEGO® and as it also offers a form of educational and creative play, many parents are happy to fork out for the toy brick sets. However, with new sets coming out all the time, it soon becomes expensive to keep up with and children soon get bored of the old sets. BuildurBricks successfully solves this problem – give your child the gift of LEGO®, at a fraction of the retail cost, and let them play with it until they get bored of it or want to swap it for a new set – then simply send it back to us.”


Each LEGO® set is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon return, so parents can be rest assured that their children will be playing with germ-free bricks. Additionally, each set is delivered with the original instruction manual so children really feel as if they are receiving a brand new LEGO® set.


Ash Jey added, “The idea for BuildurBricks came to me after visiting a friend’s house who has two children. The family spent a fortune on LEGO® sets, but loose bricks were all over the place as the kids had soon got bored of playing with them. I suddenly thought if parents could rent LEGO® instead of buying it new each time, they could save so much money and the kids wouldn’t even notice once they were sent back and replaced with the most recent one.”


BuildurBricks is set to revolutionise the way children and families play and dissolve the financial pressure parents are under to constantly update toy collections. Visit the website today to sign up and start Building.


To find out more about BuildurBricks, visit: To get updates on their exclusive offers – like on Facebook and follow on Twitter & Pinterest.


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Mums Survival Guide Article – Summer 2015 issue

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200 Years of Toy History come to Olympia London’s Pillar Hall for New Antiques Show Event

Rare and precious antique dolls, teddy bears, and toys will be on show at Olympia London’s Pillar Hall as part of a unique new exhibition which will look back on 200 years of childhood (1750 to 1950); the first time for over 15 years that a show like this has been purely devoted to antique/vintage items. The inaugural London International Antique Doll Teddy Bear and Toy Fair, taking place next year on 20 November, will bring antique doll and dealers, experts, collections and talks; the opportunity to buy rare toys at the venue’s ornate Corinthian pillared hall space.

The one day show will be opened by Bunny Campione; familiar to many from her appearances over the last 20 years on the BBC Antiques Roadshow. Bunny is an international renowned expert on dolls, dolls’ houses and soft toys; having spent her career at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.
Alpha Farnell Bobbie Scottish
The event will attract major dealers and collectors from all over the world including Sue Pearson – bears, David Pressland – tinplate toys, Eric Petit – bears from France and Rachel Gotch – dolls. Passionate investors from countries such as Japan, Germany and the USA, where some of the highest prices have been paid for antique dolls, toys and teddy bears, are expected to make the journey to Olympia London to peruse the finest toys to expand their collections.

Visitors who want to see the exhibits, from affordable to thousands of pounds, will be able to explore the show for just £5.

Organisers, Daniel Agnew and Hilary Pauley said: “We’re delighted to be bringing the first London International Antique Doll, Teddy Bear and Toy Fair, to Olympia’s Pillar Hall.  It’s a beautiful, enchanting space right in the middle of west London and couldn’t be better placed for international visitors to reach as well as providing a charming antique setting for the exhibition.”

Nick Graham, Head of Sales at Olympia London said: “We host a plethora of events at Olympia London and are able to offer a range of spaces to suit their needs. The Pillar Hall, which is our smallest events space and one of our most special, will look wonderful filled with these amazing artefacts from toy history.” Olympia London's Pillar Hall - exterior

London International Antique Doll Teddy Bear and Toy Fair website will go live from end of September at

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Old Board Games Can be Worth Monopoly Money, Says Marketplace Expert

Collectors are Scrabbling to buy rare classic board games, says ParcelHero

If you are old enough to remember rainy summer holiday afternoons before Super Mario or Minecraft existed, then some of the old board games you played with might be worth Monopoly money, says marketplace expert ParcelHero.Early UK Monopoly sets are worth Monopoly money says ParcelHero

ParcelHero’s Head of Publications, David Jinks, says: ‘Right now it doesn’t take a Mastermind to see that old board games can be a winner. Sales of new board games have increased by 40% as today’s children fall for the charms of games that don’t rely on staring at screens. To avoid Frustration, though, if you are giving them your old favourites to play with, check what items you actually have before you hand them over.’

David reveals: ‘Monopoly is perhaps the classic board game. The first version was produced by Charles Darrow in 1933-4; a very early original has just sold for £90,000 and the White Box edition sells for £5000. Darrow sold the Monopoly patent to Parker Brothers in 1935, and they first sold it widely, introducing the much-loved metal tokens. The key to the value of these early sets – called black box sets by collectors – is down to details as small as the patent wording on the box. For more information see eBay’s guide to collecting vintage Monopoly editions.’

Says David: ‘The game reached the UK after the director of Waddington’s liked the idea so much he made one of the first ever transatlantic ‘trunk calls’ to ask for the licence. The first version with London street names (instead of Atlantic City’s) was introduced in the UK in 1936. Pre-war editions can raise prices up to £1000, depending on condition. Even a 1961 set is currently on eBay for £500.’

Continues David: ‘The collectability and value of other board games is, well, a bit of a game of Snakes and Ladders, with values going up and down. Talking of which, an early Mickey Mouse Snakes and Ladders game sold for $480 recently.’

David concludes: ‘For many of us, the 1970s and 1980s were the golden age. Mousetrap sells from £40-£60, early Frustrations for around £100, Mastermind at around £35-£50, with Kerplunk the poorer cousin at £15-£20. Remember these were mass produced, but not so many have survived intact. My own favourite, an elaborate game called Haunted House, is also worth a spooky amount: an early 1962 example sold recently for $800.’

If you are buying and selling old board games remember to pack them well and use a quality courier. For example, ParcelHero is approved by Trading Standards and gives £50 free cover on all items sent.


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