Overall Champion 2014

The Rainbow Toy Awards ceremony for 2014 is almost at a close and all that remains is to announce our overall champion for 2014.

It’s a toy that scored as near to perfectly as possible, a toy that scored more than every other toy in all of the categories, the testers said about this toy;

“All the children in the group aged 3-10 love this toy, the pre-installed games held their attention for a few hours. When I told them it could be plugged in and they could choose apps they were over the moon”

“An excellent price for what you get”

“Fab toy, loads of options to choose from and the added option to download is great. They really enjoyed taking photos, video and voice recordings – and if dropped it literally bounces!”


Kidizoom Smart Watch

By: VTech Electronics

VTech Kidizoom Smart watch champ


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Awards Category: Wheeled Toys

This is our final category of the awards, until we discover who is the overall 2014 champion.


Despicable Me Folding Scooter

By: H Grossman

scooter copyAge: 5 years+

RRP: £24.99

This flexible scooter folds for easy storage. Featuring the Minions from Despicable Me 2 – the scooter has adjustable handlebars so can grow with your child.  The anti slip foot plate makes it great for a whizz around the park!

More information at www.ozbozz.co.uk

Available at Argos, Amazon and Homebase

Buy online here

The testers said “My Daughter loved the fact that this was a Despicable Me scooter as she is a great fan. She played on this until I called her in for dinner. I can see her playing with this for a while to come.”


3 IN 1 Step & Ride Lion

By: Kids II

step ride lion copyAge: 36 months

RRP: £39.99

Three ways to play, this king of the jungle grows with baby.  Sit, walk or ride your toddler is rewarded with lights and sounds.  Featuring a sturdy seat and easy grip handlebars or added safety.

More information from www.kidsii.com

Available at Smyths and ASDA

Buy online here

The testers said “When Darcy first played with the Lion she loved it especially the lights and moving balls”

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Awards Category: Imaginative Play

Possibly our widest category is imaginative play, it’s a favourite with the parents as they all love to test within this section.  The toys this year have really appealed to everyone.


Adventure Pack – Jet Pack

By Harry and Jacks

HarryJacksJetPack copyAge: 3-8 years

RRP: £29.99

The Jetpack has all the classical elements of a children’s bag but boasts a unique 3D design, which makes it really stand out.  The Jetpack has two rocket tanks, which open to reveal space for hiding treasured toys.  It’s a back pack and comes with a wrist strap too.

More information at www.harryandjacks.co.uk

Available at Amazon, Harry & Jacks Online and Loubillou.com

Buy online here

The testers said “My son got a lot of fun out of the Jetpack backpack, it was great for imaginative play and my son thoroughly enjoyed wearing it whilst imagining he was about to rocket off to space using the fun addition of the space adventure wrist strap to give him extra powers and boost to blast off into space.  I think the Jetpack will be enjoyed for years and the fact that is dual purpose, practical backpack with added imaginative play factor, means that it will be used again and again over the years as our spaceman grows up.”


Snowdrop Interactive Wooden Kitchen

By: Plum Products

Snowdrop Interactive Wooden Kitchen 41066 Cut Out - With Accessories copyAge: 3 years+

RRP: £99.99

The first of its kind, this interactive wooden kitchen beautifully blends technology with tradition.  Crafted using the finest materials it features everything you would expect. .. and more!  Pop your tablet into the kitchen and using the free Plum app your kitchen will come to life.  Children will love to see and hear popcorn popping away!

More information at www.plumproducts.com

Available from Argos and Tesco

Buy online here

The testers said “My daughter loved pretending to cook and thought it was amazing that he was able to see food cooking using the interactive iPad feature. The kitchen is the first toy my daughter plays with it and returns to it frequently throughout the day, other toys such as dolls are involved by her making tea for them. I think this toy will be enjoyed and lots of fun for years to come.”


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Awards Category: Outdoor Toys

Come rain or shine, our mini testers put the outdoor toys through their paces…


Mini Hornit

By: Hornit

mini hornit copyAge: 3-14 years

RRP: £19.99

The Mini Hornit is the ultimate light and sounds accessory for bikes and scooters. 25 different sound effects, from bells to horns to animal sounds. Remote trigger for added biking safety. Fits any bike or scooter!

More information from www.minihornit.com

Available from Argos, Halfords, Debenhams

Buy online here

The testers said “She played with the Mini Hornit for days and days and still does. She uses it on her bike and in the house. This can be used for all ages and for all sorts of uses (as we found out).”


A.I Copter from TX Juice

By: Wow! Stuff


RRP: £44.99

TX Juice introduces the worlds first helicopter with artificial intelligence, meaning safer take offs and landings with no crashes!  Press the handset ‘Juice’ button for patented anti-crash take off and land systems.

More information from www.txjuice.com

Available from Amazon, Hamleys and Argos

Buy online here

The testers said “My 9 year old son really took to this toy. It took him a few attempts to grasp how to fly it but once up in the air he was thrilled with it and how easily he could play with it. The A.I copter was great he really enjoyed flying it around the house and once the toy needed charging he couldn’t wait to get it charged to continue playing. I like that the copter came with spare parts.”


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Awards Category: Soft Toys

Soft toys have also moved with the times and now often include technology within the toy.  Let’s see who’s claimed the top spot in this category…


Ultimate Spider Man GoGlow Pal

By: Worlds Apart

spideyAge: 3 years +

RRP: £24.99

Let your little one glide off to a soundless sleep with his favourite superhero shining by his side. Push Spidey’s tummy and  his eyes cast a comforting glow.  His suckers on the hands and feet mean this cuddly pal is always close at hand.

More information from www.worldsapart.com

Available from Amazon, Argos and Toys R Us

Buy online here

The testers said “He has it on his bed, which is an honour, he doesn’t play with it every day, but has used it enough to make it worth the money, it’s a comforting pal.”


My First Baby Annabell Newborn

By: Zapf Creation

baby ananabell copyAge: Birth+

RRP: £10.99

My First Baby Annabell Newborn is a petite ultra-soft doll which  is suitable for children of all ages, even new babies.  The doll’s super-softness makes it the perfect cuddle companion, providing comfort for little ones.

More information at www.facebook.com/zapfcreationuk

Available from Tesco, Argos, ASDA

Buy online here

The testers said “Baby Annabell has always been a lovely character, and now ideal for newborns too, it is just adorable!”

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Awards Category: Construction Toys

Construction toys really have evolved during  the years we have been running the awards, they don’t just stick to bricks as building materials any more!


Kinetic Sand – Sand Box

By: Spinmaster

kinetic sand copyAge: 3 years +

RRP: £19.99

Pack it, pull it, shape it, love it – Kinetic Sand is so incredible you can’t put it down.  With the Kinetic Sand Sandbox kids can play on a large play surface whilst containing the mess! Mould amazing sculptures and have hours of whacky fun.

More information from www.wackytivities.com

Available from Smyths, The Entertainer and Toys R Us

Buy online here

The testers said “It provides something of a unique sensory experience and it has been great for my children to explore. I’m not sure if I would have bought it myself but I am glad we had it and I will be recommending it to parents and carers who are looking for different sensory play materials. The included tray and sand moulds add to the value of it and, all told it’s a good value for money set.”


Mega Bloks 123 Thomas Learning Train

By: Mega Brands

123 thomas train copyAge: 2-6 years

RRP: £12.99

Introduce your little engine driver to  a world of numbers with brightly coloured numbered blocks from 1 to 10. Create, count and build with the included wheelbases then haul the brightly coloured freight through the constructable gate for endless adventures. Compatible with all other Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends Playsets.

More information from www.megabloks.com

Available from Argos, Toys R Us and Smyths

Buy online here

The testers said “This toy gave hours of play, with so many different ways to build it is something that has been played with each day.”

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Award Category: Arts & Crafts

One of our personal favourite categories is Arts & Crafts, we love to see what can be made or manipulated with each toy; food, paint, clay or ice – we see them all!


Edible Sweet Art – Chocolate Coin Maker

By: Tobar

choc coin makerAge:5+

RRP: £20

Chocolate coin maker that creates chocolate discs, wraps them in foil then embosses a coin design onto each face. The use of hot water heats and lets the chocolate drops, then the discs can be placed in the fridge to harden. Bags are included for finished coins as is 150g of  ready to melt chocolate.

More information from www.tobar.co.uk

Available from ASDA, Amazon and John Lewis

Buy online here

The testers said “We played for about an hour each time we used it, we will definitely get the toy out on occasions like birthdays to make little gifts with”


Jelly Fun Jelly Slush Maker

By: John Adams

rendered_box2014 highly commendedAge: 5 years +

RRP: 17.99

It’s a jelliciously juicy , jelly-tastic, Jelly maker!  Use any jelly and juice to mix and make vibrant, colourful jelly cocktails.  Combining the wobbliness of jelly and the fun of slush making without the ice, this kit give slushies a makeover.

More information from www.johnadams.co.uk

Available from Amazon, Smyths and Toymaster Stores

Buy online here

The testers said “We enjoyed making and eating the creations.  Toys which use food can sometimes taste quite horrid, but we loved this one!”

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