Treasure Island Floating Activity Set Review by Zena’s Suitcase

We sent Zena a sample from Meadow Kids to review and here’s what she said “The Treasure Island Floating Activity Set sounded like a great toy for us to review.  My daughters love to play in the bath.  It’s a part of their daily routine that has really helped with their sibling bonding.  We have the usual bath toys in our house, but I’m always keen to try out something new….. read more by clicking the images below..



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Dinosaur Stamps from MeadowKids get a Good Testing…


From a blogger who was self confessed ‘rubbish at crafts’ this review lets us know that the Dinosaur Stamper Set is easy to use and great fun too.

Read all about how they got on here


We thought the set looked lots of fun! Costing just £11.95 it won’t break the bank either.

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Turbospoke Vroom Vroom Vroom!!

We’ve got Turbospoke for our grandson to try and wow did he like it! (Not sure about mum though…)

Turbospoke is loud, loud, loud! – little boys such as J love it to bits.
Turbospoke is an exhaust system that fits to your kid’s bike. It looks really cool and makes very realistic engine sounds as they cycle along.

Within the kit there is the exhaust system, a clamp to hold it on, toolkit for maintenance, plus Motocards (more of those in a moment) plus excellent stickers so you can customise the exhaust pipe.
To use Turbospoke you attach to your child’s bike with the clamp, I would say parents need to do this bit. The Motocards, mentioned earlier, slide through the clamp and get held against the spokes of the wheel, this vibrates and makes the noise. Different Motocards make different noises.
The exhaust pipe serves to look cool – but also makes the sound louder!!
No batteries are required, once you’ve got the kit that’s it – which we love. It promotes outdoor play and exercise which we love too!!

We’ve bought a couple of head ache tablets for our daughter in law …. (Not really, it’s not an annoying toy at all, we’ve just teased her about it being loud).FullSizeRender (2)
J loves it and wants to get away from the Xbox and out into the park each time the weather is good – and that cannot be a bad thing!

FullSizeRender (1)

Skills this promotes:

cause and effect social skills








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Do you have a budding world famous magician in the house? We think we do!

We’ve been in the toy industry for 15 years now and have known Marvin Berglas for that time, we’ve seen him perform on his stand at Toy Fair and been blown away by his illusions.

We have mainly boys in our family and true to type they are all obsessed by illusion, magic and playing tricks, so when Marvin sent us his Marvin’s I-Magic we knew we would all be being deceived quite soon!
When we opened the box we saw lots of different things inside, including a plastic ice cube with a fly inside, various pots and boxes, playing cards, spoon like items – again complete with flies, and an envelope saying it had fly eggs within – we noticed a bit of a bluebottle theme going on!!

Being a traditionalist I did spend time looking for the instructions and was dismayed to see I had to download the app to do anything at all – but the kiddiwinks were not put off my this one bit – must be more techno than I…
All the items in the box look and feel really good quality and I think it will last through lots of use.
A short while later the app was installed on my phone and work could begin. There are step-by-step, speech-free videos getting you up and running in no time. Each trick has multiple videos: one performing and one explaining how it’s done, which is excellent.
The videos are well produced and easy to follow, but can be trickier to replicate – practice is required for some! It’s really interesting how some of the tricks work, I think some tricks are actually difficult to work out.
The tricks revolve around the classic props such as playing cards and can be learned from the app then reproduced for friends and family without using the app which we liked.


The app is quite large at 450MB but it was simple to use and easy to navigate. The main screen lists all of the magic tricks you can do, once selected you have the option to perform, or access the ‘HOW TO’ videos to remind yourself what to do.

We haven’t yet tried all the tricks – the Magic Morph Book still awaits our interest but all in all the I-Magic set is a real hit. Marvin expertly teaches through the step by step videos and helps our little performers put on a show!

Skills this toy will practice;

social skillshand eyecause and effect







We’ve found a great video from Toy Fair 2015 to show you what it’s all about….

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Rainbow Toy Awards 2015 – Awards Roundup

The 2015 Overall ‘Rainbow Toy Awards’ Champion

Toot Toot Drivers Garage by VTech Electronics

overall chanp

Best Preschool Toy
Winner – LeapPad Platinum by Leapfrog

win - leapplatinum - preschool
Highly Commended – My Friend Freddy Bear by Vivid

hc - My Friend FreddyBear
Best Arts & Crafts Toy
Winner – Mini Make Cupcakes by John Adams

win - mini make cupcakes - art n craft copy
Highly Commended – Nutty Putty by Alphabet Pie

hc nuttyputty art copy
Best Wheeled Toy
Winner – Anki Overdrive by Anki

win anki wheeled copy
Highly Commended – Blue Trike by BigJigs

hc - blue trike - wheeled toys
Best for Imaginative Play
Winner – Toot Toot Drivers Garage by VTech

win - overall - Toot-Toot Drivers Garage
Highly Commended – Slime Baff by Gelicity

hc- imaginative - slime copy
Best Games & Puzzles – The Young Ones
Winner – Disney Pictopia Trivia Game by Esdevium Games

pictopia - win - g&p young copy
Highly Commended – Seagull Splat by University Games

hc seagull spat - g&p younger copy
Best Games & Puzzles – 8 Years and above
Winner – Accentuate Film Quotes add-on by Accentuate Games

accentuate - win g&P older copy
Highly Commended – Wild Tiles by Bananagrams

Best Electronic Toy
Winner – Pebli Town by Mookie Toys

win - pebli town - electronic copy copy
Highly Commended – Digigo by VTech

hc DigiGo electronic copy
Best Construction Toy
Winner – Car Trax Turnaround Trax by H Grossman

win - car trax - construction copy
Highly Commended – Plane 2 by Java Toy

hc - java - construction
Best Educational Toy
Winner – LeapReader by LeapFrog

win leapreader educational
Highly Commended – Project MC2 Dolls with Experiments by MGA Entertainment

hc - educ - project 2 copy
Best Plush Toy
Winner – My First Baby Annabell Cuddly Sleeping Lamb by Zapf Creation

sleeping lamb - win - soft copy
Highly Commended – Anagranimals by Anagranimals

hc - soft - anaigaminals copy
Best Outdoor Toy
Winner – Fish n’ Splash Water Table by Little Tikes

win - ourdoor Fish N Splash LITTLE TIKES LR copy
Highly Commended – LeapBand Activity Tracker by LeapFrog

hc leapband outdoor
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OVERALL CHAMPION for The Rainbow Toy Awards 2015

The Rainbow Toy Awards ceremony for 2015 is almost at a close and all that remains is to announce our overall champion for 2015.

It’s a toy that scored as near to perfectly as possible, a toy that scored more than every other toy in all of the categories, the testers said about this toy;

“Brilliant, quality, captures my children’s imaginations and they enjoyed this toy. This product also helped my son’s gross motor skills and he actually loved singing along with the songs and rhymes that are built in to the toy. The interactive aspect the toy, is wonderful my son had seven other vehicles and other Toot Toot products and they all integrate and interact with this toy, well worth the money and very impressed.”

“Brilliant value for money, you have interactive components in this toy and we loved how they interact with the other cars you can additionally purchase to go with this toy.”


VTech Baby Toot Toot Drivers Garage

by: VTech Electronics

overall chanp

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Awards Category: Soft Toys

Our final category has the ‘Ahh Factor’ as it’s the soft toys that have been tested, and by tested we mean cuddled, chatted to, slept alongside and generally befriended of course!


My First Baby Annabell Cuddly Sleeping Lamb

By: Zapf Creation

sleeping lamb - win - soft copy

Age: birth+

RRP: £19.99

The My First Baby Annabell Cuddly Sleeping Lamb will make the perfect first toy for any newborn, due to its night time features which are sure to make bedtime routine less stressful for both parents and baby. The toy is the perfect nightlight as the little star on its tummy lights up once pressed and even plays a lullaby to help little ones nod off.

More information at:

Available from: Toys R Us, Smyths, Tesco


What the testers said “So utterly cute, we love making it move, this provided many giggles!”



By: Anagranimals

hc - soft - anaigaminals copyAge: birth+

RRP: £19.99

Lending a unique twist to the plush sector in 2015, Anagranimals is the interchangeable soft toy range that has already scooped best new toy award at the London Toy Fair.  The Anagranimals are a gang of cuddly creatures, each made up of three different animals, each one fixed with Velcro so all fully interchangeable, children can create up to 216 combinations such as the Hippo-Rilla-Roo and the Piggy-Croco-Puss.

More information at:

Available from:


What the testers said “It’s nice to see something that is so different! I think it provided enjoyment but also lots of discussion too “

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