A Mini Hornit and an Ingenious Child!

Quite some time ago now, we received a Mini Hornit to trial, we have had it for a while now and we’ll tell you the reason why in a tick.honit

A Mini Hornit is a colourful (and loud!) mini horn, meant for scooters and bikes.  The features of a Mini Hornit are:

  • Produces 25 different sounds!
  • Two 12 lumen white and green lights (5 different modes) Brighter than many bike lights on the market offering a genuine safety feature
  • Remote trigger for easy use – you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebars to use it!
  • Wings clip on to fit and bike or scooter!
  • 2x AAA batteries included (we liked that bit!)

The Mini Hornit does have an adjustable volume so it won’t get too annoying if used indoors, like most children will!  The 25 sounds include racing cars, motorbikes and plane sounds to lasers, UFOs, sirens and animal sounds.

We gave it to our 13 year old to test.  Firstly he went through all the lights and sound combinations whilst sitting in the lounge, as most children will do.  (This is where we liked the volume control!)  He loved the animal sounds as they made the dog go crazy but he preferred the siren and said he was going to play tricks on his friends as it sounded so real.

However, before it could be tested on the scooter – there was an argument with the side of a hill and a sticky up tree root and one ankle was broken.  Not good for scootering around as two legs are most certainly needed!

As we all know, boys will be boys and they are ingenious fellows.  Once he was mobile and able to pad around the house the Mini Hornit came back out of its pack.  Our lad loves his Nerf guns and the funny little spongy bullets turn up all over the place here.

His Nerf gun has now got a funky new addition…a search light a la Mini Hornit and sound effects too!

photo 1

He will attach the Mini Hornit, via its handy clip-strips to his scooter before the summer has ended but meanwhile much fun is being had using the laser gun noises on his Nerf!photo 4

The Mini Hornit is an excellent piece of kit, really robust and nicely colourful.  We loved the fact it had other uses, and we’re sure Mr Ingenious will find yet more things to do with the 25 sounds!photo 5

photo 2

Mini Hornit is available from Amazon at £19.99 – look up Mini Hornit

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We’ve extended our deadline…

Due to a number of requests from the toy industry, the Rainbow Toy Awards deadline and announcement dates will change.

The new dates are:

The awards will be announced for 2014, on the 31st October 2014

The closing date for entries is September 30th 2014

This change has occurred because of an overall cry from the industry, as this year in particular most companies have struggled to gain samples and stock in time.  We’re always here to help the industry and so have moved to the new dates.

If you would like to enter the awards then please enter here.

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Look out for our Toy Testers!

All our toy testers will be sporting the badge on their blog.

2014 tester

To find out how to be a toy tester please look at our Facebook page here – Rainbow Awards





Please do not email from here, check the Facebook page to see what the criteria is first and exactly how to apply, incomplete applications will be rejected without notice.

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Vivid Teams with Great Ormond Street in Charity Auction

mosh1Vivid has teamed up with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity for a very special Moshi Monster’s Furnand0000 auction taking place this week. The Hunt for Furnando Campaign, which launched on 14th February earlier this year, has already experienced tremendous success with children across the UK taking part in the search to find one of the limited edition Mystic Moggies.

With the Furnando limited edition character still very much in demand, Vivid has put the first Furnando figurine ever made – the ‘rarest of the rare’- up for auction, with all proceeds going towards Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. The auction will see Furnando figurine #0000 go on sale through eBay, which ended this Thursday at 12pm (see link below) at £105.


Great Ormond Hospital Children’s Charity already work closely with Vivid, having previously launched very successful joint collaborations on both the GOSHI Moshi Tin and the GOSH Mosh-pital Treehouse Playset.moshi

Mia Roth, Senior Brand Manager for Vivid says: ‘We’ve had an overwhelming response to the Hunt for Furnando campaign and we were amazed at how Moshi fans really entered into the spirit of the campaign. We’re delighted to be working closely with GOSH again – they were a natural choice and they bring joy to many children’s lives on a daily basis.  We hope that the funds raised from the Furnand0000 auction go some way to continue the good work they do.’

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Fancy dress bike ride secures over £400 for the charity

Seven staff from educational toy and learning aid company Learning Resources have taken part in the local Samaritans’ annual charity fundraising bike ride from Sandringham.

This year’s Brazilian fancy dress theme inspired the team to don an exotic rainforest avian look for the ride.

“This is becoming a fixture in the Learning Resources’ social calendar,” said Dennis Blackmore, MD of the firm. “It’s our fourth year and we have come runners up in the fancy dress competition in the last two years, so next year we’ll be bringing out the big guns in an all out effort to win.

“Aside from the huge amount of fun and laughs enjoyed by all that take part, it’s also raising money for a very worthy cause.

“I’m delighted that our small effort secured over £400 for the Samaritans, which I hope will help them to continue to provide help and advice to those most in need.”

The Learning Resources parrots flapped their way around the 14-mile route, starting and finishing at Sandringham, taking in Shernborne, Fring and Sedgeford along the way.

Read the full story at ToyNews Online

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Trix – Complex but Simple & Great for Travel!

Trix is a quick thinking word-association game.  You need to find three cards which are related in some way, then describe them to the other players using 1-2 words.  The quickest guess is the winner, but if no guesses are made then extra clue words can be given one by one.

Sounds easy?  Let’s get started.  Trix comes in a lovely tin which is great to store all the pieces and keep them lovely.  Minimal packing which was lovely (we’re a sucker for green credentials!) although the tiny shrink wrap around the cards was a little tricky to remove.


The cards are laid out – three person cards, three action cards and three place cards.

11We set out our cards as above and although the game is simple, it’s quite hard to find three cards that have a theme, we had a few false starts where the children got frustrated; we were playing with two adults, a 12 year old and a 10 year old.  However we did persevere and encouraged them to try.

Here is one example, it was JJ’s turn and he called “Mafia” which we all laughed at, however interestingly we had two different guesses – thus:

DSC09140Gangster-Steal-Italy and Gangster-Steal-Prison.

At this point the kids began to get into the game more, seeing there could be some strategy involved too!

We enjoyed playing Trix and as it was a well packaged smaller game, we now take it to our boat – it’s a great travel game!

DSC09143We found the game to have long pauses of thinking time in it, as soon as the children realised it was more of a thoughtful game than a raucous call out game such as snap they enjoyed proving their brain power!

Our Play Advice:

literacy skillssocial skillsTrix really encourages deep thought, it was a good game for just before bedtime being a more calm game than many.  As a teacher I thought the skills encouraged by the game were excellent.

Packaged in a tin around 15cm x 12cm it was a good game to pop in my handbag for impromptu play such as waiting rooms or when the car as stuck in traffic!

Trix is available from independent toy shops.  More information can be found at Porcupine Press



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Pairs in Pears

Pairs in Pears was sent to the Johnson Babies and they said “Four sets of alphabet tiles, in different designs, the tiles are hard wearing and type fast.

An easy packaging, which will ensure all pieces are returned and held tight between play.
With a variety of suggested games, it demonstrates it can be as appropriate to an early learner as adults.”

Read more of their review here

Our Play Advice:

social skillsliteracy skillsWe love taking the letters and putting them onto household things that begin with that letter – ie put the letter T on the television, the letter F on the fridge, or hide the letter V in a vase.  The Rainbow toddlers love letter games such as this and they really help with reading!

Pairs in Pears is available from FB Green Kids and all good retailers

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